Great things never came from comfort zones. Let’s do this.

Do you have what it takes to represent, lead and inspire our school? As well as the warm glow of making a difference, you get to develop so many skills including leadership, team work and public speaking. Students going into Years 8-11 can be chosen as Ambassadors, and we are looking for students who have already demonstrated some commitment to Ryburn or shown similar skills in a leadership role outside of school.

Apply by completing the form below. If you have any questions, see Ms Bozzo or Mrs McNichol, or a current Ambassador.

Deadline: Year 7 12.35pm Thursday 23 May 2019 / Year 8-10 3.15pm Wednesday 26 June 2019

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What groups or roles have you already been involved in at Ryburn?
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In up to 250 words (about 5 paragraphs), explain: *what you would bring to the role *why you would like to do it. Make sure you read the job description below and try to give evidence how you meet it. You can give examples from outside or inside school. Spend some time on this and try to give the best account you can. You could try reading it out to a friend, parent of form tutor for feedback.

Job Description -  Ambassador

Ambassadors are important to Ryburn. You will be positive role models to all members of the school and community, building a team spirit and encouraging other students to get involved in school life. You also represent the voice of the students at a high level and can make a real difference.

These duties are shared across the Ambassador team, supporting and encouraging each other to develop our strengths. If there are some areas where you feel less comfortable, please do not be put off applying.

Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Consistently act as a positive role model

  • Be a good listener, taking time to understand students’ ideas and concerns in person and via the Voicebox so you can raise issues with decision makers on their behalf

  • Work as a team with the other Ambassadors

  • Actively lead student leadership groups such as school council or the eco group

  • Work closely with teachers on areas such as developing student leadership, or planning events or assemblies

  • Represent the school at important events throughout the year; e.g. Open Evening, community lunch etc. This could include speaking, welcoming guests, supporting other activities etc

  • Meet high standards of politeness, courtesy, dress, attendance and punctuality

  • Display high levels of organisation and commitment

  • Be proud of Ryburn and want to contribute to making it the best school it can be

The Ambassador contract

  • To demonstrate exemplary behaviour in lessons and around the school at all times

  • To participate in after school events, e.g. Parents Evenings/ Open Evenings etc

  • To lead key groups throughout the year, e.g. student council/ canteen leaders etc

  • To attend the Ambassadors Training Residential at the start of the year

Ambassadors are appointed for one year.

How will students be selected?

For all roles, students are invited to apply via the form above. A paper application form is also available. Year 7 applications must be submitted by 12.35pm Thursday 23 May, and Year 8-10 applications must be submitted by 3.15pm Wednesday 26 June. Applications received after the deadline cannot be accepted. Shortlisted students will be invited to an interview. Students will be chosen based on their interview and feedback from their teachers and Head of Year.