Are you excited by the Arts and keen make a creative buzz around school?

Apply here to become an Arts Council member 2017-18, or get a paper form from Mrs Patrick or Ms Bozzo.

Deadline: Friday 8 December 2017

Name *
Areas of interest?
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What groups or roles have you already been involved in at Ryburn?
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In up to 250 words (about 5 paragraphs), explain: *what you would bring to the role *why you would like to do it. Make sure you read the job description below and try to give evidence how you meet it. You can give examples from outside or inside school. Spend some time on this and try to give the best account you can. You could try reading it out to a friend, parent of form tutor for feedback.

Job Description -  Arts Council

As a member of the Arts Council, you will need to take on the following roles and responsibilities:

  • To be representatives for the Arts at Open Evenings
  • To play an active role in pupil voice in relation to the Creative and Media Arts Faculty
  • To decide on projects / performances and take ownership of key activities/ events, including promotion and advertising events
  • To feedback to Mr Lord and the governors in relation to The Creative Arts Faculty
  • To observe lessons within the faculty in order to improve the student experience
  • To promote British Values through the Arts Council
  • To increase the profile of the Arts Council within the school
  • To be involved in interviewing new staff 

How will students be selected?

Students are invited to apply, either on the paper form or on the web form above. Applications must be submitted by Friday 8 December, and shortlisted students will be invited to a launch meeting.