The Remit of the Staffing and Resources Committee

Personnel areas

  • To draft and keep under review the staffing structure in consultation with the Headteacher
  • To establish the following policies & procedures for all categories of staff and to be responsible for its administration and review 
    • Pay Policy
    • Performance Management Policy
    • Disciplinary / capability procedures
    • Attendance Management Policy & Procedures
    • Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education
    • Management of the process using the Disclosure and Barring Service
  • To oversee the appointment procedure for all staff
  • To keep under review staff work/life balance, working conditions and well being-including the monitoring of absence
  • To consider requests for early retirement


Financial issues

  • Ensure the school meets the relevant statutory requirements particularly in relation to best value
  • To establish and maintain an up to date 3 year financial plan
  • To consider a budget position statement including virement decisions at least termly and to consider significant anomalies from the anticipated position
  •  To approve financial statements including:
    • charges and remissions policies
    • policy and charges for the community use of the school premises
    • policy and the price of school meals
  • To make decisions in respect of service agreements
  • To make decisions on expenditure ensuring as far as is practical, that Health and Safety issues are appropriately prioritised
  •  To monitor expenditure of all voluntary funds kept on behalf of the Governing Body including a review of the audit report of such funds


Effectiveness of financial control

  • To review the effectiveness of financial and other control systems
  • To ensure that all significant losses have been properly investigated and reported as appropriate
  • To oversee the academy’s policy on fraud and irregularity
  • To monitor the implementation of approved recommendations relating to both internal and external audit
  • To monitor the academy’s arrangements to secure value for money and approve the annual value for money statement



  • To monitor the risk register and advise the governing body should there be causes for concern
  • To monitor the effectiveness of the internal and external audit services and to promote co-ordination between the two


Internal audit

  • To appointment and decide on the remuneration of the internal audit service
  • To receive reports from the internal auditor, which should include an opinion on the degree of assurance that can be placed on the system of internal control
  • To consider and advise the governing body on internal audit reports


External audit

  • To appoint the external auditors and agree the remuneration
  • To consider and advise the governing body on external audit reports and management letters
  • To considerand recommend to the full governing body the academy’s annual accounts


Premises related areas

  • Health and Safety, for the maintenance and development of the school’s premises including the establishment and review of the Health and Safety Policy
  • To oversee arrangements for repairs and maintenance and other premises-related expenditure
  •  In consultation with the Headteacher to oversee premises-related funding bids
  • To oversee arrangements, including Health and Safety, for the use of school premises by outside users, subject to governing body policy
  • To establish and keep under review a Building Development Plan
  •  To establish and keep under review an Accessibility plan
  • To ensure that the relevant insurances are in place