The team are:

  • Emily Cole, Year 11 - Head Girl
  • Josiah Brenchley, Year 11 - Head Boy
  • Charlotte Beeden, Year 10 - Deputy Head Girl
  • Andrew Postlethwaite, Year 11 - Deputy Head Boy

Ryburn Ambassadors:

  • Maya Carey, Year 10
  • Cerys Deakin, Year 10
  • Mollie Merrifield, Year 10
  • Lauren Nicholls, Year 10
  • Zoe Wolstenholme, Year 10

Student Leadership

We provide students with a wide range of opportunities to develop their leadership skills in preparation for life beyond Ryburn. There are a number of groups which allow our students to take responsibility and have an impact on the day to day running of the school, such as the student council and peer mentors.  These groups create a culture of teamwork and develop the interpersonal skills of all involved.

Many student leadership activities focus on the quality of teaching and learning within the classroom, supporting the school's culture of excellence. 


Student Leadership:

  • Empowers students to work in partnership with staff towards common goals
  • Provides opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills through a variety of challenging and inspiring activities.
  • Creates skilled global citizens who can lead and make the world a better place
  • Allows creativity to flourish through the innovative and creative ideas lead by the Arts Council
  • Reinforces the contribution the school makes to and within the community.

What’s in it for busy students?

  • Gain confidence and skills to equip them for the future, including leadership, organisation and communication
  • Explore their own talents and interests outside the academic realm, such as nurturing others, planning events or fundraising
  • Professional training opportunities
  • Experiences can contribute towards UCAS applications
  • Log time in their volunteering booklets
  • Increase chances of employment
  • Higher profile within the school amongst staff and students

Student Council

Every student at RVHS is encouraged to contribute towards the life of the school. The student body democratically elect their own representatives to act as ‘the voice of the pupils’. This is channel to raise issues or suggestions about the school for discussion. For example, our canteen extension and bike shed came as as a result of feedback to SLT from the Student Council.


The Student Council provides a forum where representatives from all year groups raise, discuss and propose resolutions about issues which are important to the students they represent. The process of electing representatives, drawing up agendas and convening meetings will model good practice.


Student Council representatives are responsible for gathering information from the students they represent and for feeding back after meetings. The Student Council has the right to invite advisors (staff or student groups) to meetings. The Student Council feedback to SLT and Governors regularly. They also feedback to the student body who abide by the outcomes decided.


School Council Structure

Each form has two school council representatives; one boy and one girl, and 2 deputies. One meeting is held for each year group every half term

The role of the representatives is, with the help and guidance of Form Teachers, to gather the opinions of members of the form, and represent these at Council meetings.

Here are some examples of the previous activities undertaken by the Student Council:


  • Reviewing the Aims of the School and the Extended learning (Homework!) Policy with senior staff.
  • Interviewing applicants for senior posts in school, including Head and Deputy Head.
  • Meeting the Canteen Managers to comment on food quality, etc.
  • Working with Calderdale Litter Wardens to clean up the local area.
  • Working with West Yorkshire Police through their Young Citizens panel on projects like Alcohol and Drug Abuse, and Gun and Knife crime
  • Working with the Calderdale Youth SACRE on religious tolerance and understanding.
  • Visiting Calderdale Hospital Radio
  • Contributing to the ‘Investors in Volunteers Award.’
  • Acting as tour guides at open evenings
  • Working with Calderdale Young Health Watchers.
  • Providing candidates for the Ryburn General Election.
  • Representing Ryburn Valley High School on Calderdale Youth Council, and attending monthly meetings. This has led in the past to one of our students being elected as Deputy Member of the UK Youth Parliament
  • Supporting consultations, such as the recent NHS consultation on hospital provision on Halifax and Huddersfield.
  • Helping out at the Community Lunch.

Charity Leaders

Students join a year group charity team, selecting a local and national charity to support, as well as fundraising for key school events such as residentials.

They promote events and competitions, update the website and explore other media to promote their events. They take responsibility for organising fundraising events for ‘Children in Need’ and ‘Sport/Comic Relief’.

Charity Leaders are well organised, motivated, creative, dedicated and have a genuine commitment to the role and the charities they support.

Charity Events Leaders  

  • Jessica Kirton 8.6  
  • Lara Dillon 8.6  
  • Nyah Lumb 8.6  
  • Holly Jadidi 8.2  
  • Amy Boddy 8.2  
  • Codi Taylor 8.4  
  • Leila Lang 8.5  
  • Lily Wadsworth 8.1  
  • Sophie Hygate 9.7  
  • CJ McPhail-Bottomley 9.7  
  • Amber Hird 10.5  
  • Lennie Ainsworth 10.5  
  • Cerys Deakin 10.1 

Transition Leaders

Year 7 and 8 students are carefully selected to train as transition leaders.  Their role is to help support Year 6 primary school children on their journey into secondary school. Transition Leaders accompany staff on primary transition visits to local primary schools and work alongside the Head of Key Stage 3 to prepare the resources/activities for the Year 6’s. In addition, these student take part in the Year 6 induction day in the summer term.

Arts Council

Students wrote letters of application to receive their seat on the Arts Council. Within this role students act as ambassadors for the Arts at open evenings/events and play an active role in pupil voice in relation to the Creative and Media Arts Faculty. 

The Arts Council decide on the projects / performances undertaken throughout the school year, e.g. assemblies, exhibitions and celebratory events. This year the focus is on promoting British Values which is in support of our Arts Mark application.

Arts Council Members 


  • Scarlett O'Connor 7/4
  • Rosie Horbury 7/4
  • Leo Lombardi 7/9
  • Sophie Butterfield 7/6
  • Mia Harrison 7/9
  • Aidan O'Neill 7/9
  • Bibi Gray 8/6
  • Amelia Matthews 8/6
  • Charlotte Brodie 8/8
  • Madeleine Baber 8/3
  • Hollie Shaw 8/9
  • Jessica Eastwood 8/6
  • Kate Allen 8/6
  • Charlotte Currier 8/5
  • Dilan Holloway 9/5
  • Isobelle Shaw 9/4
  • Lauren Nicholls 10/3
  • Mollie Merrifield 10/3
  • Ismah Khadim 10/8
  • Maya Carey 10/6
  • James Senneck Y12
  • Elodie McGhee Y12
  • Lily Emery Y12

Dance Leaders

A student in Ryburn Dance Academy is selected each year to become their Dance Captain. This role is given to the student that has shown ongoing commitment, skill and contribution to the team. Their role is to help out with every aspect of dance, i.e. organisation, costumes, choreography and props. Within the academy there are also students that act as dance leaders and assist at extra-curricular classes.

Sports Captains

Sports Captains help to organise sports competitions and work with KS3 pupils to improve their sports skills. They promote sports events and help staff manage and coach KS3 teams. They also work closely with Ryburn’s Primary School Sports Co-ordinator at a number of events.

They work as part of a team which includes the other student leaders. Sports Captains are well organised, motivated, creative, dedicated and prepared to give up the time required.

Sports Captains (Years 9/10)

  • Will Scrimshaw  
  • John Tillett  
  • Josh Finch  
  • Kurtis Rennalls  
  • Ben Horner  
  • Josh Brocklehurst  
  • Sam Chilvers  
  • Tom Gillespie  
  • Jamie Dann  
  • Caitlin Wood  
  • Jasmine Galloway  
  • Hannah Stott  
  • Chloe Helliwell  
  • Lucy Wood  
  • Rachel Byrnes  
  • Kate Crawshaw  
  • Natasha Morton 



  • Alex Oldroyd  
  • Harry Georgiou  
  • Ellis Broadbe

Reciprocal Reading Volunteers

These are a group of Year 12 students who lead a reciprocal reading programme with Year 7. Starting in September, they work with targeted students who need a boost with their reading skills. So, during form time (once a week), they read a novel together, developing confidence, reading skills and sharing the act of reading for fun.

  • Paris Rennalls
  • Sinainn O'Neill
  • Chloe Pincock
  • Maia Worthington
  • Ellis Gledhill
  • Cora Barker
  • Kirsty Hollingdrake
  • Rebecca Nicholas
  • Kate Nicholls
  • Josh Barrett
  • Travis Cox
  • Ben Crabtree
  • Matt Widdop

Teaching & Learning Leaders

Teaching and Learning Leaders work alongside the Directors of Teaching and Learning to maintain standards of excellence within lessons. Their role is to act as a focus group to review and evaluate teaching and learning strategies. They are trained to observe lessons so that they can contribute to the recruitment process for new staff.

  • Ismah Khadim
  • Emily Moffat
  • Greta Antonova
  • Jasmine Galloway

Magazine Leaders

Relaunching our school magazine under the new editorship of Mrs McNichol, these students are writing, researching and reporting on the magazine. They also form the editorial panel who help to decide content, strategy and design, helping to ensure a vibrant magazine which appeals to its readers. As far as possible, the magazine is run like a professional publication, so we are learning lots of career skills.

  • Redinka Davey 8/3
  • Maddie Baber 8/3
  • Abigail Poole 8/3
  • Leila Lang 8/5
  • Poppy Reid 8/2
  • Jamie Stead 9/8
  • CJ Bottomley 9/7
  • Lauren Nicholls 10/3
  • Finlay Shaw 11/3

Digital Leaders

This group of students work alongside Matthew Normanton on events that require technical support, with a focus on camerawork and videography. Digital Media Leaders have an excellent understanding of media technology and use their expertise to enhance key events held at the school through help with lighting and sound. Their role is also to offer media support and assistance to the local and wider community.