Sports Captains

Sports Captains help to organise sports competitions and work with KS3 pupils to improve their sports skills. They promote sports events and help staff manage and coach KS3 teams. They also work closely with Ryburn’s Primary School Sports Co-ordinator at a number of events.

They work as part of a team which includes the other student leaders. Sports Captains are well organised, motivated, creative, dedicated and prepared to give up the time required.

Sports Captains (Years 9/10)

  • Will Scrimshaw  
  • John Tillett  
  • Josh Finch  
  • Kurtis Rennalls  
  • Ben Horner  
  • Josh Brocklehurst  
  • Sam Chilvers  
  • Tom Gillespie  
  • Jamie Dann  
  • Caitlin Wood  
  • Jasmine Galloway  
  • Hannah Stott  
  • Chloe Helliwell  
  • Lucy Wood  
  • Rachel Byrnes  
  • Kate Crawshaw  
  • Natasha Morton 



  • Alex Oldroyd  
  • Harry Georgiou  
  • Ellis Broadbe