Charity Leaders

Students join a year group charity team, selecting a local and national charity to support, as well as fundraising for key school events such as residentials.

They promote events and competitions, update the website and explore other media to promote their events. They take responsibility for organising fundraising events for ‘Children in Need’ and ‘Sport/Comic Relief’.

Charity Leaders are well organised, motivated, creative, dedicated and have a genuine commitment to the role and the charities they support.

Charity Events Leaders  

  • Jessica Kirton 8.6  
  • Lara Dillon 8.6  
  • Nyah Lumb 8.6  
  • Holly Jadidi 8.2  
  • Amy Boddy 8.2  
  • Codi Taylor 8.4  
  • Leila Lang 8.5  
  • Lily Wadsworth 8.1  
  • Sophie Hygate 9.7  
  • CJ McPhail-Bottomley 9.7  
  • Amber Hird 10.5  
  • Lennie Ainsworth 10.5  
  • Cerys Deakin 10.1