Student Council

Every student at RVHS is encouraged to contribute towards the life of the school. The student body democratically elect their own representatives to act as ‘the voice of the pupils’. This is channel to raise issues or suggestions about the school for discussion. For example, our canteen extension and bike shed came as as a result of feedback to SLT from the Student Council.


The Student Council provides a forum where representatives from all year groups raise, discuss and propose resolutions about issues which are important to the students they represent. The process of electing representatives, drawing up agendas and convening meetings will model good practice.


Student Council representatives are responsible for gathering information from the students they represent and for feeding back after meetings. The Student Council has the right to invite advisors (staff or student groups) to meetings. The Student Council feedback to SLT and Governors regularly. They also feedback to the student body who abide by the outcomes decided.


School Council Structure

Each form has two school council representatives; one boy and one girl, and 2 deputies. One meeting is held for each year group every half term

The role of the representatives is, with the help and guidance of Form Teachers, to gather the opinions of members of the form, and represent these at Council meetings.

Here are some examples of the previous activities undertaken by the Student Council:


  • Reviewing the Aims of the School and the Extended learning (Homework!) Policy with senior staff.
  • Interviewing applicants for senior posts in school, including Head and Deputy Head.
  • Meeting the Canteen Managers to comment on food quality, etc.
  • Working with Calderdale Litter Wardens to clean up the local area.
  • Working with West Yorkshire Police through their Young Citizens panel on projects like Alcohol and Drug Abuse, and Gun and Knife crime
  • Working with the Calderdale Youth SACRE on religious tolerance and understanding.
  • Visiting Calderdale Hospital Radio
  • Contributing to the ‘Investors in Volunteers Award.’
  • Acting as tour guides at open evenings
  • Working with Calderdale Young Health Watchers.
  • Providing candidates for the Ryburn General Election.
  • Representing Ryburn Valley High School on Calderdale Youth Council, and attending monthly meetings. This has led in the past to one of our students being elected as Deputy Member of the UK Youth Parliament
  • Supporting consultations, such as the recent NHS consultation on hospital provision on Halifax and Huddersfield.
  • Helping out at the Community Lunch.