Careers Calendar

This lists the specific careers-related events going on in different departments around school this year, in addition to our main Careers Programme. We try to update it regularly, but all details are subject to change.

Start dateDepartmentDescription of event/activityYear group
1 July 2018ITY13 IT students received IT related placements during work experience week13
5 Sept 2018 Scholars Programme - Working with the Brilliant Club, two groups of able students per year take part in a programme visiting top universities, and working in school with a PhD Tutor on a challenging STEM or Arts/Humanities programme.7-10
5 Sept 2018SENDRegular meetings with our SEN careers advisor and also take part in visits to the local colleges and to the careers centre in Halifax 
5 Sept 2018Sixth FormProgression module ongoing with Y12. It's all about careers and how to progress forward12
5 Sept 2018ArtExhibitions and Displays are regularly changed to ensure that students get a feel for these events 
5 Sept 2018CareersMentoring students about Post-Y11 options and what they hope to do11
5 Sept 2018BusinessGroup of Year 9 students are provided with £10 by Overgate hospice and challenged to turn their investment into a profit by creating business and marketing plans and fundraising during two different weeks with an evaluation in between 9
5 Sept 2018DramaStudents research artists/industry and work alongside Arts Practioners 12-13
26 Sept 2018 Year 11 Get Organized Assembly11
26 Sept 2018Sixth FormYear 13 Careers & Enterprise Workshops13
26 Sept 2018Sixth FormApprenticeship Skills & Knowledge (ASK) Workshop for Year 1313
2 Oct 2018DanceBTEC Dance investigate the roles and responsibilities in the work place, exploring performance, production and administration roles. This is taught through regular lesson time and pupil research. In addition students have the opportunity for question and answer sessions with visiting professional and guest staff.9-11
2 Oct 2018 Year 11 Be Inspired Event 11
11 Oct 2018 Get Organized Event at Shay Stadium aimed to get students to think about the future with all different colleges on display, showacsing their many courses11
24 Oct 2018Sixth FormSixth Form Drop down day; a day focused around health with different speakers12-13
25 Oct 2018 Manufacturing Event9
29 Oct 2018MediaPrague trip with Media students to look around film and animation studios10-11
1 Nov 2018Drama/Vocational SkillsArtist in residence - Amanda Laycock working with Y12 Vocational Students12
7 Nov 2018Sixth FormWork Experience interviews 12
9 Nov 2018Sixth FormProgression Module Award Ceremony set at a university13
14 Nov 2018Sixth FormLloyds Banking Group come to provide our Sixth Form students with work skills for the future12-13
14 Nov 2018Sixth FormASK follow up for Y13, enquiring on the success and how they have managed to gain those skills13
14 Nov 2018iDDrop down day for Y9 students based around the issues of wellbeing and mental health include external visitors such as CALMS and Branching Out 9
21 Nov 2018 Year 11 Study skills event, helping students to learn and develop their basic study skills, ready for their exams11
26 Nov 2018DramaAlumni who are profession actors come in to work with our drama students11
28 Nov 2018Sixth FormSixth Form Open Evening was a great event to showcase what our Sixth Form has to offer not only to our current Y11 but also to external Y11. A couple of Sixth Form students helped out on the evening, this event allowed those students to receive some key skills such as public speaking 
3 Dec 2018 RVHS Career Week helped all our current students learn about different career paths by bringing in external companies/alumni to discuss their own career paths7-11
4 Dec 2018ICTLivestream with Google for all ICT and Computing students 
6 Dec 2018BusinessUniversity of Law - Business / Human Resources Lecture 12-13
8 Jan 2019DramaMagistrates Mock Trial Competition is a big footstep in the door for work as a Police Officer, Probations Officer, Social Worker, Solicitor, Barrister. Forensic Scientist. Etc9-10
8 Jan 2019DramaStudents from different year groups work as supporting artists in the television series: Ackley Bridge7-9
27 Jan 2019RSHolocaust Memorial day students listen to a speaker sharing their experience of the events 
8 Feb 2019BusinessUniversity of Law - Business / Marketing lecture12-13
11 Feb 2019Sixth FormYear 13 form tutor interviews13
15 Feb 2019CareersRAF are coming in for the Careers Fair hosted by H.Fletcher 
15 Feb 2019ScienceRAF to meet with the STEM Club to discuss careers within RAF Engineering related to the STEM Club7-10
15 Feb 2019Careers/Sixth FormA day centred around giving sixth form students more information so that they feel like they can decide and make the right decisions about their futures. There will be tutorials and a mini careers fairs all with the theme of apprenticeships. These will be delivered by external members such as ASK, RAF, Calderdale College, Lloyds Banking Group, Whiterose School of Beauty, Kirklees College, Woodspeen Training and GP Strategies: National Citizenship Services. Motivational speaker, Phil Pearce and his guests will be sharing his life experience12-13
15 Feb 2019Sixth FormYear 11 Post 16 Taster Day is an event to help students in Year 11's learn about what there is for them after Year 11 and to experience being in that setting or sixth form/college11
18 Feb 2019Drama3x Year 12 on work experience with Ackley Bridge12
27 Feb 2019iDYear 8 Drop down day with a focus on health, the body and the mind with external companies such as .... Coming in to deliver sessions to our students8
1 March 2019MediaPhotography and film students travel to Glasgow for a film festival12-13
11 March 2019ScienceScience Fornight allowed our students to learn more science but also about it in the real world, Year 9 (60 Students) had the opportunity to discuss Doctors and Nurses and what their jobs entail. Year 10 (60 Students) students will be having a talk on Marine Science and what careers could stem from it8-10
11 March 2019 RVHS Career Week helped all our current students learn about different career paths by bringing in external companies/alumni to discuss their own career paths7-11
11 March 2019 Year 8 Taster Day allowed our students to experience what their GCSE options choices would be like the following year. It allowed them to reflect and think about their futures and what options are available for them8
13 March 2019 Year 8 Options Evening will give our students and their parents valuable information regarding the options progess and about the options themselves. It will help our students learn more about the opportunities that come from studying certain options and where it could lead them in the future8
14 March 2019ScienceSTEM Club took part in the "I'm a Scientist" online chat with real life Scientists. This gave them the chance to learn more about the role of different Scientists and also about their career paths.8-10
20 March 2019 Year 11 Post 16 interviews with SLT. This events helps us to find out what they want to do and what they are planning as well as promoting the wide variety of courses we offer at Sixth Form11
22 March 2019 Year 8 Assembly with Calderdale Waste Management where students got to meet Litter Champions and find out about their apprenticeship with Calderdale Council8
22 March 2019 Year 7 forms will have a workshop with the Calderdale Waste Management team, finding out about their roles at the Council as well as what being a Litter Champion in about as well as their apprenticeships and what it entails with a focus around the environment especially in Calderdale  
25 March 2019MathsMaths Ambassador Ellie will be coming from Leeds university will be discussing Her course and what careers maths can lead to10
25 March 2019ArtArtist Hattie Lawton will come in to work with Year 7 students by showing them different techniques and methods in which to create art. This is part of the Arts Council7
29 March 2019 Y8 students will attend workshops delivered by Maz from the Self Esteem Team working in collaboration with Dove to promote healthy body image to children to help influence them to love themselves 8
1 April 2019ArtCrafts Council Project is a great opportunity for Art students to work with visiting artists and photographers on a project 
1 May 2019Sixth FormHigher Education Evening aimed at Y12's to helpt hem understand their options and how to get into HE12
8 May 2019iDYear 7 Drop down day7
19 June 2019Sixth FormHE Fair at Leeds Beckett with any different universities from around the country12
24 June 2019TechGroup of Sixth Form students are taken to Leeds University open day to look around their schools of Product Design and Engineering. It's a chance for students to look at possible courses and degree types as well as possible future careers12
24 June 2019 RVHS Career Week helped all our current students learn about different career paths by bringing in external companies/alumni to discuss their own career paths7-11
1 July 2019Sixth FormYear 12 work experience placement for one week, based on the jobs and ambitions of the students12
15 July 2019 Each form in Year 10 will undertake some time on a work place experience with Covea Insurance to learn about the different careers available there and to gain some experience in these jobs10
DepartmentDescription of event/activityYear group
BusinessBusiness Studies students will have a Huddersfield University School of Business tour 12
Businesslinks about to be made with a local hat maker & retailer ( in Sowerby Bridge) as this coincides with their assignment brief10
BusinessSelected students to be entered into a Business & Enterprise competition run by Kirklees College, to be held at the college for a day, project called 'Inov8 2019'9
RSOrganisation CSIC (Christians in Calderdale schools) regularly come into school and take lessons. Neil is also a vicar of a church and has shared about what he does in a lesson on Christianity 
RSIn Ethics a staff worker from a Homeless charity shared about work when she took a lesson on Homelessness9-11
RSPaul Blakey from Street Angels and Calderdale chaplains has taken a lesson on alcohol and the work of street angels in Calderdale 
Vocational Skills4 external guests have come in to speak to the students about possible careers. These guests included ex students/their advocate, a retired nurse and a gentleman with a variety of careers 
Sixth FormStudents produce a careers plan through Hilary Fletcher12-13
Sixth FormYear 12 students have a careers meeting to discuss their work experience placement as well as future jobs and goals12
Sixth FormYear 11 Sixth Form taster day includes HE Apprenticeships and employers11
Sixth FormCareers and apprenticeship presentation in assembly 
MFLYear 9 trip to York St John Careers in languages9
MusicKS3 - Year 8 - as part of the options process we deliver a unit that demonstrates job roles in the music industry specifically; Foley Artist, Film Composer, Creating a radio show/podcast, music producer8
MusicKS4 - Year 9 BTEC - the current course we follow all about the Music industry. The creative industries, including music, are vibrant, exciting and highly competitive; they contributed £4.1 billion to the UK economy in 2015, outpacing the overall growth of the economy by 2.5 per cent. After completing this qualification student should have developed valuable knowledge, practical skills and a wider understanding of job roles within the music industry9
PEIn KS5 Unit 3 looks at professional development within the sports industry and all KS5 students take this unit11
PEBTEC level 2 - Training plans produced as if a personal trainer. Students have to produce a 6 week training plan. Training plans also produced for GCSE but not in the same context9-11
PEBTEC level 2- all students are given a vocational scenario for all assignments allowing them to think about careers and possible job roles9-11
MathsRegular discussions in class about mathematics concept can be used in a real life working scenario, ie, architects use scale drawings7-11
SociologyThere are units wthin the course with specific links to careers such as Education, Crime and Deviance. During this unit students are given opportunities to reflect on the roles within education and agency workers9-13
SociologyThe course encourages students to develop a better understanding of the various individuals and groups that they will come across in wider society and in the work place. This prepares them for all careers, especially those where they will be working with the public9-14
Health and SocialNHS Career competition, helps students explore over 350 job roles that are within the NHS. This will allow them to make an informed decision about where this course might take them9
Health and SocialUnit 2A is designed to inform students about job roles within the health and social care settings such as carers, doctors, nurses, pharmacist and also the first introduction into the referral systems between job roles10
Health and Socialrole plan and demonstrate of care practice. Most play role of carer, care manager, nurse or Doctor11
Health and SocialSyllabus means need a full and compressive knowledge of roles and responsibilities: Nursing - children, learning disability, community, adult, midwifery, Doctors and specialist consultants, Occupational therapist, Carer, care managers, youth workers, social workers 12
PsychologyThroughout the course students learn about different careers and the impact that they have within society such as: Counselling psychologist, Educational psychologist, Forensic psychologist, Further education teacher, Health psychologist12
HistoryA group of students visit Skipton Castle to learn about what happened there and how life used to be 
HistoryTrip to the Titanic Museum  
HistoryThackeray museum to learn about life and work in the past 
HistoryBelgium trip  
HistoryWall display about careers within the area of history 
HistoryUniversity lectures looking into historians, researchers, presenters, different tv sectors and museum creators 
HistoryA programme is delivered about different cultures and raises points about the Native Americans, women and the suffragettes as well as political ideology  
GeographyTrip to Lancaster University for our students to learn more about higher education and possible careers that the degree could link too

Last updated: April 2019