Print and stick pages for a personalised planner to help you plan, record and organise the things that matter to you.

Are you one of those people who loves new sets of felt tips, making lists and getting organised? Then this is for you! We’re trialling a new feature in our student planners this year, including a number of blank pages and providing page templates to print and stick.

Are you a keen reader? Print some extra bookshelves for your reading log.

Have you made new school year resolution? Use the habit tracker to help you stick to it.

How does this work?

Click to download the page templates below and print them out. You can get 2-per-page A4 label sheets, or just use plain paper and glue. Each template is an A4 pdf with two planner-sized pages.

Our Library can print these on stickers for you for 10p a sheet (2 labels).

Got an idea for a page we’ve not thought of? Give us your suggestions.

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Let us know what your suggestion is. What would your page help people do? What would it look like?

Suggestions entered on this form are emailed to Mrs McNichol.