Provisional Summer Exam Timetable

This is provisional and any clashes will be dealt with when seating plans are created.

DateStartLenBoardComponent CodeComponent TitleLevelCands
Wed 02 May09:1506:00OCRF521/01D & T: ADV Innvtn Chllng AssignmentGCE/B5
Mon 14 May09:1501:30AQA45201Information & Comm Tech Unit 1GCSE/B29
Mon 14 May09:1501:30OCRJ276/01Comp Sci: Computer Systems WrtnGCSE/9FC29
Mon 14 May13:1501:00OCRF521/02D & T: ADV Innvtn Chllng Rflctn TestGCE/B5
Mon 14 May13:1501:45AQA8062/13Religious Studies A P1-3 ChristGCSE/9FC38
Mon 14 May13:1500:00AQA8062/15Religious Studies A P1-5 IslamGCSE/9FC38
Mon 14 May13:1501:40EDEXL/GCE8FM0 01Core Pure MathematicsGCE/ASB4
Tue 15 May09:1502:30WJEC/GCE11820001Film ST. FM2: British/AmericanGCE/B9
Tue 15 May09:1500:35EDEXL/GCSE1FR0 1FListening [F] FrenchGCSE/9FC7
Tue 15 May09:1500:45EDEXL/GCSE1FR0 3FReading [F] FrenchGCSE/9FC7
Tue 15 May09:1500:45EDEXL/GCSE1FR0 1HListening [H] FrenchGCSE/9FC12
Tue 15 May09:1501:00EDEXL/GCSE1FR0 3HReading [H] FrenchGCSE/9FC12
Tue 15 May09:1501:00EDEXL/KSQ21484F01The Role and Work of the Public ServBTNG/B9
Tue 15 May13:1501:45AQA8461/1HBiology Paper 1 Tier HGCSE/9FC61
Tue 15 May13:1501:15AQA8464/B/1FCombined Sci Trilogy Biology P1FGCSE/DA49
Tue 15 May13:1501:15AQA8464/B/1HCombined Sci Trilogy Biology P1HGCSE/DA115
Wed 16 May09:1501:30EDEXL/GCE6663 01Core Mathematics C1GCE/B11
Wed 16 May09:1501:45EDEXL/GCSE1PE0 01Fitness and Body SystemsGCSE/9FC23
Wed 16 May09:1502:00EDEXL/GCE8MA0 01Pure MathematicsGCE/ASB3
Wed 16 May13:1501:45AQA8062/2BReligious Studies A P2B Inc TextGCSE/9FC38
Thu 17 May09:1501:45AQA8462/1HChemistry Paper 1 Tier HGCSE/9FC61
Thu 17 May09:1501:15AQA8464/C/1FCombined Sci Trilogy Chemistry P1FGCSE/DA49
Thu 17 May09:1501:15AQA8464/C/1HCombined Sci Trilogy Chemistry P1HGCSE/DA115
Thu 17 May13:1501:30OCRJ276/02Comp Sci: Algrthms & Prgrmmng WrtnGCSE/9FC29
Thu 17 May13:1501:40EDEXL/GCE8FM0 2KDec.Maths.1 & 2GCE/ASB4
Thu 17 May13:1500:00EDEXL/GCE8FM0 27Decision Mathematics 1GCE/ASB4
Thu 17 May13:1500:00EDEXL/GCE8FM0 28Decision Mathematics 2GCE/ASB4
Fri 18 May09:1501:10EDEXL/GCSE1FR0 4FWriting [F] FrenchGCSE/9FC7
Fri 18 May09:1501:20EDEXL/GCSE1FR0 4HWriting [H] FrenchGCSE/9FC12
Fri 18 May13:1501:30WJEC/GCSEC690U30-1Drama COMPONENT3 Interpretin TheatreGCSE/9FC22
Fri 18 May13:1501:15EDEXL/GCSE1PE0 02Health and PerformanceGCSE/9FC23
Mon 21 May09:1501:30EDEXL/KSQ31524H01Anatomy and PhysiologyBTNG/B7
Tue 22 May09:1501:45AQA8702/1English Literature Paper 1GCSE/9FC228
Tue 22 May13:1501:30AQA8035/1Geography Paper 1GCSE/9FC99
Wed 23 May09:1501:00AQA413001Applied/Business Studies Unit 1GCSE/B36
Wed 23 May09:1501:30EDEXL/GCE6664 01Core Mathematics C2GCE/B11
Wed 23 May09:1501:30EDEXL/GCE6691 01Statistics S3GCE/B1
Wed 23 May09:1502:30WJEC/GCE12910001Media Studies MS1: RepresentationsGCE/B4
Wed 23 May09:1501:15EDEXL/GCE8MA0 02Statistics & MechanicsGCE/ASB3
Wed 23 May13:1501:45AQA8463/1HPhysics Paper 1 Tier HGCSE/9FC61
Wed 23 May13:1501:15AQA8464/P/1FCombined Sci Trilogy Physics P1FGCSE/DA49
Wed 23 May13:1501:15AQA8464/P/1HCombined Sci Trilogy Physics P1HGCSE/DA115
Thu 24 May09:1501:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 1FNon Calculator [F] GCSE/9FC111
Thu 24 May09:1501:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 1HNon Calculator [H] GCSE/9FC129
Thu 24 May13:1501:30AQALAW02GCE Law Unit 2GCE/B6
Fri 25 May09:1502:15AQA8702/2English Literature Paper 2GCSE/9FC228
Fri 25 May09:1502:00RSA584402EC3DM : U2 PRE-Production & PlanningCAMX/EC34
Fri 25 May09:1502:00RSA584502FD DM : U2 PRE-Production & PlanningCAMX/FD1
Fri 25 May13:1502:00AQA45701D & T: Textiles Technology Unit 1GCSE/B19
Mon 04 Jun09:1502:30WJEC/GCE12940001Media ST.MS4: Text Indus. & AudienceGCE/B4
Mon 04 Jun09:1501:30OCRH481/01Geography: Physical Systems WrtnGCE/A8
Mon 04 Jun09:1501:00OCRJ411/21Hist B: History Around US WtnGCSE/9FC105
Mon 04 Jun13:1502:00AQA7408/1Physics ADV Paper 1GCE/A3
Mon 04 Jun13:1501:30AQAGOVP2GCE Government and Politics Unit 2GCE/B2
Mon 04 Jun13:1502:15WJEC/GCSE43910001Media Studies Unit 1 Written PaperGCSE/B27
Tue 05 Jun09:1501:45AQA8700/1English Language Paper 1GCSE/9FC237
Tue 05 Jun09:1502:00EDEXL/GCE9GN0 01Listen Read. & TranslationGCE/A2
Tue 05 Jun09:1502:00WJEC/GCEA120UA0-1RS COMPONENT1A Study of ChristianityGCE/A4
Tue 05 Jun13:1502:00AQA7192/1Sociology ADV Paper 1GCE/A10
Tue 05 Jun13:1502:15OCRH432/01Chem A: Prdc Tble Elmnt Phy Chm WtnGCE/A8
Tue 05 Jun13:1501:30AQA8035/2Geography Paper 2GCSE/9FC99
Wed 06 Jun09:1502:30AQA7702/1English Language ADV Paper 1GCE/A4
Wed 06 Jun09:1501:30EDEXL/GCE6668 01Further Pure FP2GCE/B1
Wed 06 Jun09:1501:30EDEXL/GCE6677 01Mechanics M1GCE/B10
Wed 06 Jun09:1500:35EDEXL/GCSE1SP0 1FListening [F] SpanishGCSE/9FC2
Wed 06 Jun09:1500:45EDEXL/GCSE1SP0 3FReading [F] SpanishGCSE/9FC2
Wed 06 Jun09:1500:45EDEXL/GCSE1SP0 1HListening [H] SpanishGCSE/9FC15
Wed 06 Jun09:1501:00EDEXL/GCSE1SP0 3HReading [H] SpanishGCSE/9FC15
Wed 06 Jun13:1502:30AQA7042/1CHistory ADV Paper 1 Option CGCE/A4
Wed 06 Jun13:1501:00AQA413002Business Studies Unit 2GCSE/B36
Wed 06 Jun13:1501:30AQA8271/WMusic Written PaperGCSE/9FC5
Thu 07 Jun09:1501:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 2FCalculator [F] GCSE/9FC111
Thu 07 Jun09:1501:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 2HCalculator [H] GCSE/9FC129
Thu 07 Jun09:1501:45EDEXL/GCE9BI0 01ADV.Biochem Micro. & Gen. GCE/A6
Thu 07 Jun13:1502:00EDEXL/GCE9BS0 01Market People & Global BUGCE/A9
Thu 07 Jun13:1502:00WJEC/GCEA720U10-1English Lit Component 1 PoetryGCE/A6
Fri 08 Jun09:1502:00AQA7408/2Physics ADV Paper 2GCE/A3
Fri 08 Jun09:1501:45AQA8700/2English Language Paper 2GCSE/9FC237
Fri 08 Jun09:1501:00OCRF524/01D & T: Product Design Wrttn Paper 1GCE/B5
Fri 08 Jun09:1501:30OCRF524/02D & T: Product Design Wrttn Paper 2GCE/B5
Fri 08 Jun09:1502:45WJEC/GCE11840001Film Studies FM4: Issues & DebatesGCE/B9
Fri 08 Jun09:1502:40EDEXL/GCE9GN0 02Writ. Resp. Works & TransGCE/A2
Fri 08 Jun13:1502:30AQA7702/2English Language ADV Paper 2GCE/A4
Fri 08 Jun13:1501:30OCRH481/02Geography: Human Interactions WrtnGCE/A8
Fri 08 Jun13:1501:45OCRJ411/12Hist B: Ppl Hlth Elizabethans WtnGCSE/9FC105
Mon 11 Jun09:1502:30OCRH446/01Comp Sci: Computer Systems WrtnGCE/A4
Mon 11 Jun09:1501:45AQA8461/2HBiology Paper 2 Tier HGCSE/9FC61
Mon 11 Jun09:1501:15AQA8464/B/2FCombined Sci Trilogy Biology P2FGCSE/DA49
Mon 11 Jun09:1501:15AQA8464/B/2HCombined Sci Trilogy Biology P2HGCSE/DA115
Mon 11 Jun09:1502:00EDEXL/GCE9SP0 01Listen Read. & TranslationGCE/A1
Mon 11 Jun09:1502:30WJEC/GCEA690U30-1Drama Comp 3 Text in PerformanceGCE/A5
Mon 11 Jun09:1502:00WJEC/GCEA120U20-1RS COMPONENT2 Philosophy of ReligionGCE/A4
Mon 11 Jun13:1501:30AQAGOV3BGCE Government and Politics Unit 3BGCE/B2
Mon 11 Jun13:1502:00EDEXL/GCE9BS0 02Activs Decision & Strats. GCE/A9
Mon 11 Jun13:1501:15AQA8035/3Geography Paper 3GCSE/9FC99
Mon 11 Jun13:1501:45EDEXL/GCE9BI0 02ADV.Phys Evolution & EcolGCE/A6
Tue 12 Jun09:1501:30AQALAW03GCE Law Unit 3GCE/B6
Tue 12 Jun09:1501:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 3FCalculator [F] GCSE/9FC111
Tue 12 Jun09:1501:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 3HCalculator [H] GCSE/9FC129
Tue 12 Jun09:1501:00WJEC/GCSE98110001Safety & Secur Safety & SecurityL1L2/B21
Tue 12 Jun13:1502:15OCRH432/02Chem A: Synths & Anlytcl Tchnqs WtnGCE/A8
Tue 12 Jun13:1502:00WJEC/GCEA720U20-1English Lit Component 2 DramaGCE/A6
Tue 12 Jun13:1501:45OCRJ411/39Hist B: Mke Amrc Liv Undr Nzi Rle WtnGCSE/9FC105
Wed 13 Jun09:1502:00AQA7192/2Sociology ADV Paper 2GCE/A10
Wed 13 Jun09:1501:30EDEXL/GCE6683 01Statistics S1GCE/B9
Wed 13 Jun09:1501:45AQA8462/2HChemistry Paper 2 Tier HGCSE/9FC61
Wed 13 Jun09:1501:15AQA8464/C/2FCombined Sci Trilogy Chemistry P2FGCSE/DA49
Wed 13 Jun09:1501:15AQA8464/C/2HCombined Sci Trilogy Chemistry P2HGCSE/DA115
Wed 13 Jun13:1502:30AQA7042/2NHistory ADV Paper 2 Option NGCE/A4
Thu 14 Jun09:1502:00AQA7408/3/APhysics ADV P3 Sections A & B Opt AGCE/A3
Thu 14 Jun09:1501:30WJEC/GCSE1550001Film Studies Paper 1GCSE/FC24
Thu 14 Jun09:1501:10EDEXL/GCSE1SP0 4FWriting [F] SpanishGCSE/9FC2
Thu 14 Jun09:1501:20EDEXL/GCSE1SP0 4HWriting [H] SpanishGCSE/9FC15
Thu 14 Jun09:1502:40EDEXL/GCE9SP0 02Writ. Resp. Works & TransGCE/A1
Thu 14 Jun13:1501:30AQAGOV4BGCE Government and Politics Unit 4BGCE/B2
Thu 14 Jun13:1502:00AQA45601D & T: Resistant Materials Tech Unit 1GCSE/B38
Thu 14 Jun13:1501:45AQA8585/WFood Prep and Nutrition WrittenGCSE/9FC4
Thu 14 Jun13:1502:30OCRH481/03Geography: Geographical Debates WrtnGCE/A8
Fri 15 Jun09:1502:30OCRH446/02Comp Sci: Algrthms & Prgrming WrtnGCE/A4
Fri 15 Jun09:1502:00WJEC/GCEA720U30-1English Lit Component 3 Unseen TextsGCE/A6
Fri 15 Jun09:1501:45AQA8463/2HPhysics Paper 2 Tier HGCSE/9FC61
Fri 15 Jun09:1501:15AQA8464/P/2FCombined Sci Trilogy Physics P2FGCSE/DA49
Fri 15 Jun09:1501:15AQA8464/P/2HCombined Sci Trilogy Physics P2HGCSE/DA115
Fri 15 Jun13:1502:00AQA7192/3Sociology ADV Paper 3GCE/A10
Fri 15 Jun13:1501:30EDEXL/GCE6689 01Decision Mathematics D1GCE/B2
Mon 18 Jun09:1502:00EDEXL/GCE9BS0 03Investigating BusinessGCE/A9
Mon 18 Jun09:1500:35EDEXL/GCSE1GN0 1FListening [F] GermanGCSE/9FC5
Mon 18 Jun09:1500:45EDEXL/GCSE1GN0 3FReading [F] GermanGCSE/9FC5
Mon 18 Jun09:1500:45EDEXL/GCSE1GN0 1HListening [H] GermanGCSE/9FC9
Mon 18 Jun09:1501:00EDEXL/GCSE1GN0 3HReading [H] GermanGCSE/9FC9
Mon 18 Jun09:1502:00EDEXL/GCE9FR0 01Listen Read. & TranslationGCE/A3
Mon 18 Jun09:1502:30EDEXL/GCE9BI0 03Gen. & BioGCE/A6
Mon 18 Jun13:1502:00AQALAW04GCE Law Unit 4GCE/B6
Mon 18 Jun13:1502:00WJEC/GCEA120U30-1RS Component 3 Religion & EthicsGCE/A4
Tue 19 Jun09:1501:30AQA8360/1Further Mathematics Paper 1GCSE/FC23
Tue 19 Jun13:1501:30EDEXL/GCE6665 01Core Mathematics C3GCE/B11
Wed 20 Jun09:1501:30OCRH432/03Chem A: Unified Chemistry WtnGCE/A8
Wed 20 Jun09:1502:40EDEXL/GCE9FR0 02Writ. Resp. Works & TransGCE/A3
Wed 20 Jun13:1501:00WJEC/GCSE1550002Film Studies Paper 2GCSE/FC24
Thu 21 Jun09:1501:10EDEXL/GCSE1GN0 4FWriting [F] GermanGCSE/9FC5
Thu 21 Jun09:1501:20EDEXL/GCSE1GN0 4HWriting [H] GermanGCSE/9FC9
Thu 21 Jun13:1502:00AQA8360/2Further Mathematics Paper 2GCSE/FC23
Fri 22 Jun09:1501:30EDEXL/GCE6666 01Core Mathematics C4GCE/B11
Mon 25 Jun09:1501:30EDEXL/GCE6684 01Statistics S2GCE/B3