Summer 2019 Exam Timetable

This is the provisional timetable for exams. Check with your teachers to make sure you are clear which components you are entered for.

DateStartLenBoardComponent CodeComponent TitleLevelNo. Candidate
TBATBA00:00EDEXL/GCSE1PE0 03Practical PerformanceGCSE/9FC23
TBATBA00:00EDEXL/GCE9BI0 ECore PracticalsGCE/A18
TBATBA00:00EDEXL/GCE9GN0 03Speaking AccumulatorGCE/A6
TBATBA00:00WJEC/GCSEC690U20-1Drama Component 2 PerformingGCSE/9FC44
TBATBA00:00WJEC/GCSE98310001Planning Built Enviro Unit 1L1L2/B40
Mon 10 MayN/AN/AN/AN/ALIBF examN/AN/A
Mon 13 May09:1501:30OCRJ276/01Comp Sci: Computer Systems WrtnGCSE/9FC51
Tue 14 May09:1500:35EDEXL/GCSE1FR0 1FListening [F] GCSE/9FC20
Tue 14 May09:1500:45EDEXL/GCSE1FR0 3FReading [F] GCSE/9FC20
Tue 14 May09:1500:45EDEXL/GCSE1FR0 1HListening [H] GCSE/9FC18
Tue 14 May09:1501:00EDEXL/GCSE1FR0 3HReading [H] GCSE/9FC18
Tue 14 May13:1501:45AQA8461/1FBiology Paper 1 Tier FGCSE/9FC1
Tue 14 May13:1501:45AQA8461/1HBiology Paper 1 Tier HGCSE/9FC57
Tue 14 May13:1501:15AQA8464/B/1FCombined Sci Trilogy Biology P1FGCSE/9DA90
Tue 14 May13:1501:15AQA8464/B/1HCombined Sci Trilogy Biology P1HGCSE/9DA75
Wed 15 May09:1501:45EDEXL/GCSE1PE0 01Fitness and Body SystemsGCSE/9FC23
Wed 15 May13:1501:45AQA8702/1English Literature Paper 1GCSE/9FC227
Thu 16 May09:1501:45AQA8462/1HChemistry Paper 1 Tier HGCSE/9FC58
Thu 16 May09:1501:15AQA8464/C/1FCombined Sci Trilogy Chemistry P1FGCSE/9DA90
Thu 16 May09:1501:15AQA8464/C/1HCombined Sci Trilogy Chemistry P1HGCSE/9DA75
Thu 16 May13:1501:30OCRJ276/02Comp Sci: Algrthms & Prgrmmng WrtnGCSE/9FC51
Fri 17 May09:1501:10EDEXL/GCSE1FR0 4FWriting [F] GCSE/9FC20
Fri 17 May09:1501:20EDEXL/GCSE1FR0 4HWriting [H] GCSE/9FC18
Fri 17 May13:1501:15EDEXL/GCSE1PE0 02Health and PerformanceGCSE/9FC23
Fri 17 May13:1501:30WJEC/GCSEC690U30-1Drama COMPONENT3 Interpretin TheatreGCSE/9FC44
Mon 20 May09:1502:30AQA7702/1English Language ADV Paper 1GCE/A5
Mon 20 May13:1502:00AQA7182/1Psychology ADV Paper 1GCE/A1
Mon 20 May13:1502:00AQA7408/1Physics ADV Paper 1GCE/A4
Mon 20 May13:1501:30WJEC/GCE4543UB0-1Criminology Unit 2: Paper BasedL3/L329
Tue 21 May09:1501:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 1FNon Calculator [F]GCSE/9FC118
Tue 21 May09:1501:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 1HNon Calculator [H]GCSE/9FC125
Tue 21 May13:1502:30AQA7042/1CHistory ADV Paper 1 Option CGCE/A4
Tue 21 May13:1501:30AQA8035/1Geography Paper 1GCSE/9FC124
Wed 22 May09:1500:35EDEXL/GCSE1SP0 1FListening [F] GCSE/9FC11
Wed 22 May09:1500:45EDEXL/GCSE1SP0 3FReading [F] GCSE/9FC11
Wed 22 May09:1500:45EDEXL/GCSE1SP0 1HListening [H] GCSE/9FC14
Wed 22 May09:1501:00EDEXL/GCSE1SP0 3HReading [H] GCSE/9FC14
Wed 22 May09:1502:00AQA7192/1Sociology ADV Paper 1GCE/A11
Wed 22 May13:1501:30OCRH481/01Geography: Physical Systems WrtnGCE/A5
Wed 22 May13:1501:45AQA8463/1HPhysics Paper 1 Tier HGCSE/9FC58
Wed 22 May13:1501:15AQA8464/P/1FCombined Sci Trilogy Physics P1FGCSE/9DA90
Wed 22 May13:1501:15AQA8464/P/1HCombined Sci Trilogy Physics P1HGCSE/9DA75
Thu 23 May09:1502:15AQA8702/2English Literature Paper 2GCSE/9FC227
Thu 23 May13:1502:00WJEC/GCEA720U10-1English Lit Component 1 PoetryGCE/A6
Fri 24 May09:1502:00EDEXL/GCE9BS0 01Market People & Global BUGCE/A9
Fri 24 May09:1502:00AQA7408/2Physics ADV Paper 2GCE/A4
Fri 24 May09:1501:30EDEXL/GCSE1BS0 01Investigating Small Bus. GCSE/9FC51
Fri 24 May13:1502:00OCRJ310/01D & T: Prncpls of Dsgn & Tchnlgy-WrtnGCSE/9FC58
Mon 03 Jun09:1502:00WJEC/GCEA720U20-1English Lit Component 2 DramaGCE/A6
Mon 03 Jun09:1502:30OCRH446/01Comp Sci: Computer Systems WrtnGCE/A8
Mon 03 Jun09:1501:00OCRJ411/21Hist B: History Around US WtnGCSE/9FC92
Mon 03 Jun13:1502:00EDEXL/GCE9BS0 02Activs Decision & Strats. GCE/A9
Mon 03 Jun13:1502:00AQA7408/3/APhysics ADV P3 Sections A & B Opt AGCE/A4
Mon 03 Jun13:1501:30WJEC/GCSEC680U10-1Media Studies COMP1 Exploring MediaGCSE/9FC20
Mon 03 Jun13:1502:30WJEC/GCEA670U10-1Film Studies COMP1 Varieties of FilmGCE/A5
Tue 04 Jun09:1502:00WJEC/GCEA120UA0-1RS COMPONENT1A Study of ChristianityGCE/A2
Tue 04 Jun09:1502:30AQA7702/2English Language ADV Paper 2GCE/A5
Tue 04 Jun09:1501:45AQA8700/1English Language Paper 1GCSE/9FC242
Tue 04 Jun13:1502:15OCRH432/01Chem A: Prdc Tble Elmnt Phy Chm WtnGCE/A21
Tue 04 Jun13:1502:00AQA7192/2Sociology ADV Paper 2GCE/A11
Tue 04 Jun13:1501:30EDEXL/GCSE1BS0 02Building A BusinessGCSE/9FC51
Wed 05 Jun09:1501:10EDEXL/GCSE1SP0 4FWriting [F] GCSE/9FC11
Wed 05 Jun09:1501:20EDEXL/GCSE1SP0 4HWriting [H] GCSE/9FC14
Wed 05 Jun09:1502:00EDEXL/GCE9GN0 01Listen Read. & TranslationGCE/A6
Wed 05 Jun09:1502:00EDEXL/GCE9MA0 01Pure Mathematics 1GCE/A10
Wed 05 Jun09:1502:15WJEC/GCEA680U10-1Media Studies Comp 1 Media ProductsGCE/A7
Wed 05 Jun09:1501:00WJEC/GCSE98110001Safety & Secur Safety & SecurityL1L2/B54
Wed 05 Jun13:1502:30AQA7042/2NHistory ADV Paper 2 Option NGCE/A4
Wed 05 Jun13:1501:30AQA8035/2Geography Paper 2GCSE/9FC124
Thu 06 Jun09:1501:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 2FCalculator [F]GCSE/9FC118
Thu 06 Jun09:1501:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 2HCalculator [H] GCSE/9FC125
Thu 06 Jun09:1501:45EDEXL/GCE9BI0 01ADV.Biochem Micro. & Gen. GCE/A19
Thu 06 Jun13:1501:30OCRH481/02Geography: Human Interactions WrtnGCE/A5
Thu 06 Jun13:1501:45OCRJ411/12Hist B: Ppl Hlth Elizabethans WtnGCSE/9FC92
Fri 07 Jun09:1502:00EDEXL/GCE9BS0 03Investigating BusinessGCE/A9
Fri 07 Jun09:1501:45AQA8700/2English Language Paper 2GCSE/9FC242
Fri 07 Jun09:1501:30OCRH406/01D & T: Prncpls of Product Design WrtnGCE/A10
Fri 07 Jun13:1502:00AQA7182/2Psychology ADV Paper 2GCE/A1
Fri 07 Jun13:1501:45AQA8461/2FBiology Paper 2 Tier FGCSE/9FC1
Fri 07 Jun13:1501:45AQA8461/2HBiology Paper 2 Tier HGCSE/9FC57
Fri 07 Jun13:1501:15AQA8464/B/2FCombined Sci Trilogy Biology P2FGCSE/9DA90
Fri 07 Jun13:1501:15AQA8464/B/2HCombined Sci Trilogy Biology P2HGCSE/9DA75
Fri 07 Jun13:1502:30WJEC/GCEA670U20-1Film Studies COMP2 Global FilmmakingGCE/A5
Mon 10 Jun09:1502:40EDEXL/GCE9GN0 02Writ. Resp. Works & TransGCE/A6
Mon 10 Jun09:1501:45AQA8585/WFood Prep and Nutrition WrittenGCSE/9FC8
Mon 10 Jun09:1501:30WJEC/GCSEC670U10-1Film Studies Comp 1 US FilmGCSE/9FC18
Mon 10 Jun13:1501:30WJEC/GCSEC680U20-1Medstudies COMP2 Understanding MediaGCSE/9FC20
Tue 11 Jun09:1501:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 3FCalculator [F]GCSE/9FC118
Tue 11 Jun09:1501:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 3HCalculator [H] GCSE/9FC125
Tue 11 Jun09:1502:00WJEC/GCEA120U20-1RS COMPONENT2 Philosophy of ReligionGCE/A2
Tue 11 Jun09:1502:30OCRH446/02Comp Sci: Algrthms & Prgrming WrtnGCE/A8
Tue 11 Jun13:1502:00WJEC/GCEA720U30-1English Lit Component 3 Unseen TextsGCE/A6
Tue 11 Jun13:1502:15OCRH432/02Chem A: Synths & Anlytcl Tchnqs WtnGCE/A21
Tue 11 Jun13:1501:45OCRJ411/39Hist B: Mke Amrc Liv Undr Nzi Rle WtnGCSE/9FC92
Wed 12 Jun09:1502:00AQA7192/3Sociology ADV Paper 3GCE/A11
Wed 12 Jun09:1501:45AQA8462/2HChemistry Paper 2 Tier HGCSE/9FC58
Wed 12 Jun09:1501:15AQA8464/C/2FCombined Sci Trilogy Chemistry P2FGCSE/9DA90
Wed 12 Jun09:1501:15AQA8464/C/2HCombined Sci Trilogy Chemistry P2HGCSE/9DA75
Wed 12 Jun09:1502:00EDEXL/GCE9MA0 02Pure Mathematics 2GCE/A10
Wed 12 Jun13:1500:35EDEXL/GCSE1GN0 1FListening [F] GCSE/9FC2
Wed 12 Jun13:1500:45EDEXL/GCSE1GN0 3FReading [F] GCSE/9FC2
Wed 12 Jun13:1500:45EDEXL/GCSE1GN0 1HListening [H] GCSE/9FC23
Wed 12 Jun13:1501:00EDEXL/GCSE1GN0 3HReading [H] GCSE/9FC23
Thu 13 Jun09:1501:45EDEXL/GCE9BI0 02ADV.Phys Evolution & EcolGCE/A19
Thu 13 Jun09:1501:15AQA8035/3Geography Paper 3GCSE/9FC124
Thu 13 Jun13:1502:30OCRH481/03Geography: Geographical Debates WrtnGCE/A5
Thu 13 Jun13:1501:30EDEXL/GCSE1ST0 1FWritten Paper 1FGCSE/9FC107
Thu 13 Jun13:1501:30EDEXL/GCSE1ST0 1HWritten Paper 1HGCSE/9FC145
Thu 13 Jun13:1502:30WJEC/GCEA680U20-1Media Studies Comp 2 Media FormsGCE/A7
Fri 14 Jun09:1502:00AQA7182/3Psychology ADV Paper 3GCE/A1
Fri 14 Jun09:1501:45AQA8463/2HPhysics Paper 2 Tier HGCSE/9FC58
Fri 14 Jun09:1501:15AQA8464/P/2FCombined Sci Trilogy Physics P2FGCSE/9DA90
Fri 14 Jun09:1501:15AQA8464/P/2HCombined Sci Trilogy Physics P2HGCSE/9DA75
Fri 14 Jun09:1501:45OCRH406/02D & T: Prblm Slvng Prdct Dsgn WrtnGCE/A10
Fri 14 Jun13:1501:30WJEC/GCSEC670U20-1Film Studies Comp 2 Global FilmGCSE/9FC18
Fri 14 Jun13:1502:00EDEXL/GCE9MA0 03Statistics & MechanicsGCE/A10
Fri 14 Jun13:1500:00EDEXL/GCE9MA0 31StatisticsGCE/A10
Fri 14 Jun13:1500:00EDEXL/GCE9MA0 32MechanicsGCE/A10
Mon 17 Jun09:1501:10EDEXL/GCSE1GN0 4FWriting [F] GCSE/9FC2
Mon 17 Jun09:1501:20EDEXL/GCSE1GN0 4HWriting [H] GCSE/9FC23
Mon 17 Jun09:1502:30EDEXL/GCE9BI0 03Gen. & BioGCE/A19
Mon 17 Jun13:1502:00WJEC/GCEA120U30-1RS Component 3 Religion & EthicsGCE/A2
Tue 18 Jun09:1501:30EDEXL/GCSE1ST0 2FWritten Paper 2FGCSE/9FC107
Tue 18 Jun09:1501:30EDEXL/GCSE1ST0 2HWritten Paper 2HGCSE/9FC145
Wed 19 Jun09:1501:30OCRH432/03Chem A: Unified Chemistry WtnGCE/A21
Mon 26 JuneN/AN/AN/AN/AExam ContingencyN/AN/A
Mon 27 JuneN/AN/AN/AN/ALIBF last resit dateN/AN/A