There are no barriers to what you can achieve at Ryburn.

Most of the students at Ryburn make expected or above progress for their age, but a few have difficulties and need extra support. This could include difficulties with communication and interaction; cognition and learning; social, emotional and mental health; sensory difficulties with sight or hearing; or physical difficulties. In all these cases, there are ways we can support students to enjoy learning and to reach their potential.

As a school we aim to:

  • ensure that all pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum

  • build on each pupil's strengths

  • provide a differentiated curriculum and support provision appropriate to an individual’s needs and ability

  • identify all pupils requiring SEND provision as early as possible in their school career, including effective liaison with previous primary school.

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Our Approach

We believe every teacher is a Special Educational Needs teacher. All our teachers are trained and supported by our SEND specialists to differentiate to the specific needs of students. Support is tailored, and we have a range of strategies and facilities inside and outside of mainstream classes. From intensive literacy support to a pass to leave classes before the rush, we do what it takes to help.

skills for living

Learning is broader than the curriculum, and some of our students need a little extra help with skills that will help them gain independence. We run courses in life skills and vocational skills at Key Stage 4 and 5. We also work with a travel trainer who can help students learn to navigate public transport with confidence.


an Inclusive and ACCEsSIBLE school

We go out of our way to give students the emotional and practical support they need to feel happy at school, follow a broad and balanced curriculum and make progress. For example, our access and literacy centres are a "Safe Haven" for students outside of lesson times. We support students to access school trips and extra-curricular activities, and run clubs including Disport.