School Council

Ryburn's school council is made up of representatives from every form in the school, chosen democratically by their classmates. We hold occasional meetings of the whole school council, and regular meetings of Year Council groups. They discuss and advise the school on everything from the school canteen to reviewing the aims of the school.

Every Ryburn student is encouraged to contribute towards the life of the school, and their form representatives are a key way to do that. School Council reps have to canvas opinions from their classmates to feed into council meetings, and to feed back in class or assemblies on school council activities and discussions.

The Year Councils have each come up with their own focus for a campaign or project. Year 7 are currently working on supporting and welcoming Year 6 pupils as they get ready to start at Ryburn. Year 8 are running an anti-bullying campaign. Year 9's focus is gender equality. And Years 10 and 11 are working on mental health, particularly around exam time.

Our School Council have many opportunities both in and out of school. Here are some examples of previous activities they have undertaken:

  • Reviewing the Aims of the School and the Extended learning (Homework!) Policy with senior staff.
  • Interviewing applicants for senior posts in school, including Head and Deputy Head.
  • Meeting the Canteen Managers to comment on food quality, etc.
  • Working with Calderdale Litter Wardens to clean up the local area.
  • Working with West Yorkshire Police through their Young Citizens panel on projects like Alcohol and Drug Abuse, and Gun and Knife crime
  • Working with the Calderdale Youth SACRE on religious tolerance and understanding.
  • Visiting Calderdale Hospital Radio
  • Contributing to the ‘Investors in Volunteers Award.’
  • Acting as tour guides at open evenings
  • Working with Calderdale Young Health Watchers.
  • Providing candidates for the Ryburn General Election.
  • Representing Ryburn Valley High School on Calderdale Youth Council, and attending monthly meetings. This has led in the past to one of our students being elected as Deputy Member of the UK Youth Parliament
  • Supporting consultations, such as the recent NHS consultation on hospital provision on Halifax and Huddersfield.
  • Helping out at the Community Lunch.

Our School Council Reps:

Year 7

  • 7.1 Jasmine Shaw, Bryony Smith, Grace Fawcett, Olivia Appleyard
  • 7.2 Ben Russel, Jamie Doyle, Amy Wjittake, Ellie Giliga, Olivier Bratley
  • 7.3 Lewis Rice, Ellie-Jay Wood
  • 7.4 Oliver Howarth, Scarlett O’Connor
  • 7.5 Kiera Waddington, Reuben Sykes, Thomas Ransley
  • 7.6 Angel Bentley, Alice Moffat, William Jackson, William Solomon
  • 7.7 Josh Smith, Jessica Pollard, Olive Greenwood, Daisy Cunningham
  • 7.8 Ellie Nutton, Charlotte Whitton, Lucas Fearnley, Kian Mellad
  • 7.9 Aqsah Vaqub, Sonny St Clare, Reece Mclaughlin

Year 8

  • 8.1 Jay Templeman, Courtney Ward, Jack Kenyon, Caitlyn Hardy
  • 8.2 Charlotte Plummer, Abbie Whitaker, Poppy Reid, Holly Jadidi
  • 8.3 Redinka Davey, Luke Greenwood
  • 8.4 Jordan Parnell, Haseeb Rakhman
  • 8.5 Charlotte Courier
  • 8.6 Abigail Greenwood, Mackenzie Lister, Freddie Connell, Ella Williams
  • 8.7 Arran Shaw, Oliver Daubney, Kayleigh Taylor, Scarlett Busfield
  • 8.8 Elle-May Sheils, Levi Gray, Scarlett Crothers
  • 8.9 Eleisha Seager, James Thornton

Year 9

  • 9.1 Leo Greenwood
  • 9.2 Oliver Clarke, Chloe Barratt
  • 9.3 Thomas Spellman, Cerys Kaye
  • 9.4 Eden Pendleton, Haleema Yaqub
  • 9.5 Ella Whiteside Smith, Dilan Holloway
  • 9.6 Lara Turner, Kane Drucas
  • 9.7 Sophie Hygate
  • 9.8 Toby Laurie, Jamie Stead, Callum Ashworth

Year 10

  • 10.1 Sophie Jones, Cerys Deakin