William Turner - Abducted

I woke to a blinding light, piercing my eyes as I desperately attempted searching the room, as my eyes adjusted, I could make out several devices and structures of which I’d never seen before. Panicking, I tried to find my feet only to realise I was tied down unable to move due to shackles tying me to some seat.

I flinched as I noticed a peculiar being approach me, I was helplessly lying there, tied down in some alien structure which was cold and uncomfortable. The creature conferred to a companion, of which was holding a sharp, needle-like object. As the companion approached I couldn’t help but howl in fear, what were these things which abducted me! They resembled my kind, and yet were so different…

I howled, desperately trying to escape. Suddenly, I felt a quick painful jab in my arm, I looked to the source to see the companion. Staring at me, with careful coordination and consideration while it jabbed me with something I could only describe as an abnormal device. I tried to scream, but a sense of drowsiness overcame me, my eyes became heavy as my vision clouded into white, then darkness.

I could see my home, the verdant greenery. My wife offered me her hand. I reached out to it. Inches, centimetres, millimetres. BAMMM! I was rushed back to reality; a tear, meandering down my check as I remembered my wife.

My eyes adjusted to my surroundings for a second time, it was dark, it was bouncy and uncomfortable. I was being moved, locked up with nothing to comfort me but my own thoughts. I squinted, trying to decipher shapes in the darkness. Meters away, I made out a cage like what I was being detained in. I squinted harder as I tried to make out something that may be inside. It was then I saw it! Another one of my kind, I bellowed, desperate to get their attention… not a stir. I continued to yell, itching to talk to my kind.

That moment a blinding light suddenly entered from the outside world as an entrance was abruptly created by an alien possessing a metal stick equipped with attachments and handles. Although I could not understand what it was saying, I understood a tone of fury towards me. It approached, unlocked the cage and dragged me out by the neck nefariously. I looked around, my mind working faster than I could comprehend. Surrounding me were intimidating structures towering menacingly. Panicking, I followed my gut instincts and ran. As I raced a celerity of projectiles flew past me threateningly.

I thought of my wife and home as I collapsed, bleeding. The world was going black and my mind was dying out, as I faded away I saw the face of my wife and wept as I knew I’d let her down. My thoughts faded...

He’d been abducted by people, taken into captivity where he passed away. After all, captivity is no place for an ape.