Ready. Set. World.

We give our students the confidence - and also the skills and guidance - to excel in a colourful world. The opportunities out there are endless. Our students go on to careers in many fields, and the future will bring jobs that don’t even exist now.

This dedicated careers section on our website has loads of information. You can find out about what we do in school and also find loads of brilliant resources and ideas to get you thinking about your future. It’s well worth exploring.


How do we do careers learning?

To enable our students to excel in the future, we help them develop skills such as resilience, self motivation and metacognition. We raise aspirations and open doors by creating opportunities to hear from or work with professionals in all kinds of fields. We offer comprehensive and impartial advice on options for the future beyond Ryburn to help our students choose the right path for them.

There are many different opportunities throughout your time at Ryburn which help equip you for the future. This page gives you an overview of our approach, or click below to see our programme in detail.

Key information


In the curriculum

Our departments create countless chances to explore careers relating to their subjects. From enterprise competitions to trips to universities, from artists-in-residence to live-streaming with Google, from playing professional roles in court in the Mock Trial to being extras on a real life TV drama, there’s all sorts going on.

In the iD curriculum students look at certain aspects linked with the careers guidelines. We also make plenty of use of Assemblies and Tutor Time to deliver careers learning.


Our iDays are ‘drop down days’ when year groups, key stages or even the entire school abandon the usual timetable for the day to undertake special activities. Each iDay addresses specific objectives, with many of these linked to careers. These have included apprenticeship day, enterprise day, university taster day etc. One of the advantages of this method is that it is very versatile and students often regard it as a fun activity.


Careers WeekS

We hold several Careers Weeks each year, which offer and opportunity to showcase a range of real careers. It’s an opportunity to hear guest speakers from a variety of professions, visiting school to speak with all pupils. Lessons also feature a special focus on careers in their subject area.

Aspire to inspire

Nothing beats real life experience. We bring in a wealth of guest professionals, including many of our alumni, to share their careers stories and advice with our students, giving them an insight into the many future paths they may follow. We love to hear from our former students, so keep in touch!


Information, ADVICE and guidance

Students at Ryburn benefit from impartial, specialist advice, provided by our partners C&K Careers. Hilary and Liz are based at our school and work with students from all years. They provide resources within the Library, and offer individual appointments to any student who wishes to discuss education, training and employment options. Working very closely with Ryburn staff including SEND, Pastoral and Heads of Year and specialist external agencies, C&K help us to offer the appropriate level of support to every individual.

They offer special support for:

  • Year 8 Options Choices

  • Year 11 Post 16 Options

  • Year 13 Post 18 Options

They also organise or attend a number of key events each year to provide guidance to students and their families, including assemblies and parents evenings, careers and education fairs and interview practice.

The service continues beyond your time at Ryburn, as C&K Careers offer lifelong careers advice for young people and adults through their centres in Halifax, Huddersfield and Dewsbury and other provision in the community.


Our Careers Service is based in the Library, where you can browse a wealth of information.

Make an appointment via the Library, school reception or email. Parents/Carers are welcome to attend with their child.

Contact: Hilary Fletcher and Liz Hirst (Mon-Tues)

Fridays: Ryburn Sixth Drop in Service

Meet the Team

We are always interested to hear from employers, organisations, or individuals with interesting careers stories who might be able to contribute to our careers programme for our students. Please get in touch with Ms Bozzo.


Parents and Carers

The other key part of the team is parents and carers. You obviously play an important role in helping your child find their way in the future. As adults, we tend to know our own career areas well, but it’s normal to feel ill-equipped to offer advice on all the weird and wonderful options out there, and things like university entry requirements have moved on since our own sixth form days. A little research can enable you to support and encourage your child to find the path that suits them.

So where do you begin? The information on this page, including the useful websites linked below is a good start. Shape Your Future offers an overview of the labour market in key industry sectors in the West Yorkshire region.

Our Careers Service appointments are open to parents to attend along with their children. And don’t forget friends and family - maybe someone you know has experience of the industry you are researching?

Related Stories

Useful Websites

Shape your future

This document is full of information on the future jobs market in our region. Grab a cup of tea and take a look, it’s really interesting. Ever considered a future as a graphic designer, an engineer working on HS2 or even a drone pilot? Read about them all here.


Try out this clever tool to compare different jobs, their average pay, working hours and whether the number of jobs in the industry is likely to grow or shrink.

  • Click in the dotted square and start typing in a job, then choose one of the career options that pops up.

  • Check out the figures it gives and click ‘more info’ for a description of what the job typically involves.

  • Try typing another job into the next box and compare them

  • Click ‘clear card’ to clear the information about one job so you can try another.

Bear in mind that the information is based on national averages and future projections, and it doesn’t contain every job title out there. Obviously individual jobs and circumstances vary a lot. This offers a useful guide but is only a small part of the information you can use to guide your career.

The Careerometer was made by LMI for All, an online data portal, developed by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, which brings together existing national sources of high quality labour market information (LMI) that can inform people’s choices about their careers. Read about the data sources it uses.