However you travel, arrive at Ryburn safe and sound.

School buses

WY Metro and Yelloway run a number of dedicated bus services to Ryburn. Students require an annual pass specific to a bus route to use the service, so please make sure you have applied in time.

A number of public buses also serve our school, in particular the 579 from Halifax Bus Station. 

We expect our students to be respectful and mindful of others whilst using the buses.


All students wishing to use school bus services for the upcoming academic year 18/19 must fill in the application. Deadline: 30 June 2018.

For more information, click here.


Arriving by car, bicycle or on foot

With many students arriving at Ryburn and our neighbouring primary schools at the same, it can get quite congested around school. If you have the choice, we'd encourage you to wall, cycle, or use the bus. Cycle racks for students are provided outside our main entrance.

To keep our students safe, please do not use our driveway or bottom car park to drop off or collect students during peak times. The disabled parking bays are in use by many students with mobility issues and inconsiderate use can make it difficult, or dangerous for them arriving at school. Thank you for your cooperation.