You can succeed at Ryburn. Students of all abilities make good progress here, and our results are above the Calderdale and national averages.

Our school is a true mainstream comprehensive with a wide intake of pupils, who do well and make good progress at all levels. This section offers an overview, explaining some key findings from our school performance data.

The full set of data for our school, including comparisons with other schools, is available on the national school statistics site at the link below.

Progress and attainment

Progress 8 and Attainment 8 are the governments new broad brush key performance indicators for schools, replacing the measure of 5 A*-C grades. The new scores use averages of the individual students Progress (from Key Stage 2 to 4) and of their overall Attainment, comparing them against the national average.


Our Progress 8 score is +0.19. This places us in the top 50% of schools nationally. Put simply, it means our students made more progress, on average, than pupils across England who got similar results at the end of Key Stage 2.

Our Attainment 8 score is 51.7 points, which is just ahead of the Calderdale average, and ahead of the England average.

But of course, no child is 'average'.


Stretching Higher Ability Pupils

We don't let our smartest pupils just coast along, easily achieving grades that are 'good enough'. Instead we constantly challenge and engage to get the best out of them, in a culture that embodies our motto 'Strive to Excel'.

Ryburn students are confident and ambitious. High numbers opt to continue 'tricky' traditionally academic subjects into sixth form.

Some of our higher ability students face significant barriers which could prevent them from reaching their potential, but these students make great progress - their Progress 8 score was +0.10, well above national average.


Excellence in Subjects

We're proud of our students' achievements across the curriculum, and particularly the impressive results achieved in Triple Science, Computing, Drama, Food, Photography, Media, Dance, ICT, Business BTEC, Music and Sport.

Current data indications show that current students are making exceptional progress across subjects, and we are looking forward to some great results this year.

Everyone matters and every dream counts

One statistic we are pleased with is that no student finished Ryburn without any qualifications. We make possible and celebrate whatever achievements students are capable of. For example, our SEN Department runs courses in BTEC Workskills and the ASDAN Youth Award scheme.



Ryburn sixth and beyond

Students succeed at Ryburn Sixth. Our key performance indicator at Key Stage 5 is Alps. Overall last year, our Alps score was 4, which places us at the very top end of the band considered 'national average'.

Performance in the following subjects is particularly strong: Dance, Music, Media, Drama, Science, BTEC Business and Religious Studies.

76% of students stay in education after completing Ryburn Sixth, most going on to university, including a good number each year to top tier and Russell Group universities.