Students visit Children's Parliament in Slovenia

Jessica Russell, Georgia Campbell and Seb Wood-Ives, Year 9,  have arrived back from the final Happiness in Lifelong Learning meeting of the Children's Parliament in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, part of our Erasmus+ programme.  The students stayed with host families and took part in lessons with their hosts as well as a huge range of exciting project activities.

Mr Evans said that their contributions in the Parliament meeting were fantastic and they shared many of the ideas that our own student councils have discussed over recent weeks.  Their hard work was rewarded by a visit to the Julian Alps, the spectacular Planica valley and the capital city Ljubliana.  A school picnic gave them time to enjoy sporting activities with friends from Portugal, Crete, Germany, Turkey, Denmark and Slovenia.

To continue the theme of happiness they took part in dancing and cookery workshops and were wowed by seeing Slovenian Dancing Day in the town square on our last sunny morning.

Our students were, as always, excellent ambassadors for our school and our country!